Use your Bum & Feet to clear your mind

Thoughts and memories are electromagnetic fields where the electric part – the signal that streams through synopsis in the brain – holds and carries the analytical information about the thought or the memory. The magnetic part contains information about our feeling related to that thought or memory. Every time we pull up a memory, our body revives the feeling we experienced in that event. 

Over time, we tend to lose the analytical and emotional details of our life events, so the older the memory, the less intense the feeling we experience every time we recall that event.

Every day we process an average of 8,000 thoughts and memories, many of which scale back from the conscious to the unconscious part of the brain, creating mental and emotional clutter. 

One of the most exciting benefits of meditation is that it allows the brain to clear the clutter, allowing the body to take a break from all the feelings we piled up during the day. For this very purpose, a meditation should be short, easy, and discreet enough to be performed on most occasions.

We have found that a short meditation Geraldine and I called Bum&Feet is ideal whenever the brain and the emotional body need a break from clutter and intense negative feelings.

1 – Seat on a chair, a bench at a park, or wherever you are when you feel the need for a mental and emotional break.

2 – Rotate your should and lock them back to assume a correct posture and release the tension in your neck.

3 – Put your hands on your knees and close your eyes.

4 – Focus your brain on the part of your bum that touches the chair and the part of your feet that touches the ground or floor. Focus on these two spots SIMULTANEOUSLY and hold the focus for three or four minutes.

If your brain wanders away, bring it back to these two spots.

As per its nature, the brain struggles to focus consciously on two subjects simultaneously. So, performing this task steels energy from previous thoughts and memories that vanish from the conscious and subconscious areas together with the related feelings.

At the end of the meditation, you should feel improved brain clarity and deep body relaxation. If needed, repeat and extend the process to five or more minutes until you reach the goal.


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