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Decluttering is a health tool

The meaning of Decluttering from an energy standpoint

Decluttering doesn’t just mean putting things in their place in an orderly fashion. It means getting rid of all those items we have stockpiled over time in our psyche that we no longer have any use for — especially those associated with negative or neutral memories.
Between us and every object we possess, there is an energetic relationship we built together at the time we had a use for them. It’s an electromagnetic field made by our memories related to that object, which is an electric charge in our brain and the magnetic charge released by feelings or emotions to the associated object. It’s always there in our mind and energetic body until we decide to break the electromagnetic field by getting rid of that object.

Decluttering is also crucial when we need to change direction to our life or set goals for the future. Fewer energies from the past to carry around gives us more clarity to design our future in the only moment we have power and control as human beings: the NOW moment.

Cluttered environments distort our minds

Our brain works similarly to a computer. It has a hard drive to store information and RAM memory to process it, and there is a seamless exchange of information and collaboration between these two compartments. When data is stored in the hard drive in an orderly and logical fashion, the RAM can access information faster and process it more efficiently.
All the objects in our storage or basement we have no use for unconsciously keeps living in our brain in the form of electromagnetic fields. It goes without saying that without this amount of useless energy to manage, our brain is able to process new information it receives from your everyday life more clearly and efficiently.
When we declutter and get rid of all things we no longer have use for, we feel a sense of freshness, lightness, and renovation. It’s not just a feeling.
It’s also important to notice that any solid object vibrates at a much lower frequency rate than high vibrational energies–like the ones released in a Space Clearing session, or by positive human feelings.

The least solid obstacles high vibrational energies encounter on their way, the longer they maintain their high-frequency rate, the more efficient they are in protecting the human biofield of those living in that space.

A personal experience

Decluttering is a technique known for many centuries and well-rooted in many cultures and religions around the world.
Back in 1995, I was visiting a monastery in Tuscany, and a friar kindly offered to give me a tour. We had such a great conversation about being versus having.

While walking along the dormitory hallway, I have asked him to show me his bedroom. He accepted, and few steps ahead, he opened a wooden door to a tiny room. There was a bed, and a side bed with the Bible, a worn bedside rug, an old wooden wardrobe, and a crucifix hung on the wall next to two coat hangers, one of which was irremediably crooked.
I was young, and diplomacy has never being a quality of mine, so I have asked straightly, “Friar, is this all you have got?” “Yes,” he replied, “but that crooked hanger messes up my thoughts.”


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