Distance and in person healing differences

Distance and in-person healing differences

Many clients like you are enquiring about the difference between in-person and remote sessions.

Before diving into this topic, it is important to understand the differences between the most common energy healing modalities. Techniques like Pranic Healing and Crystal Healing use Earthbound energies, like the magnetic and electromagnetic ones, to deliver the healing and therefore need the proximity between the healer and the healee to be carried out correctly.
Techniques like Quantum Healing and other types of Energy Healing use Subtle Energy – a type of energy that exists at the subatomic level and is not affected by the time-space dimension – to reach the healee’s energy body. They can be performed effectively regardless of the distance between the healer and the healee.

Geraldine and I are trained in Subtle Energy healing techniques and can assert beyond doubt that in-person and remote healings are equally effective. Our clients’ feedback and fundamentals of Quantum Physics widely support this statement.


Advantages of in-person healing


  • The body prepares for healing

As the healee sets the intention and starts to commute to the healing room, the energy body automatically shifts the vibrational frequency range to prepare for the healing session.
However, a similar result can be achieved at home with a specific meditation before the remote healing treatment.

  • High vibrational healing room

The energy of our healing room vibrates at high frequencies and supports the healee’s body during the healing session.


Advantages of remote healing


  • Healing energies cleanse the environment

A surprisingly high number of our clients and their family members constantly report a sense of quietness, joy, or light-heartedness in the room where the healee received a remote treatment and the adjacent ones.
We cannot offer a proven explanation for this phenomenon; we suppose that the higher vibrational frequency of the healee’s biofield (or energy body) reached during the treatment positively affects the energy in the surrounding by clearing lower vibrational frequencies. A sort of spontaneous Space Clearing.

  • Commuting back home can impact the enjoyment of the after-session

When we receive a healing session, our energy body shifts on a dream-like plane to receive healing energy better.
Returning to ‘reality’ suddenly by commuting back home soon after a session can prevent the healee from fully experiencing the after-session phase: the pleasure of feeling the process of the body getting back into sync and coherence.

  • Time

Time matters. The time saved by avoiding the commute to the healing room is an obvious advantage. That time could be invested in enjoying the after-session process comfortably laid on the bed or couch.


In summary, choosing an in-person or remote session shouldn’t depend on the reason for the treatment or the efficacy of the two methods since both can be performed successfully.
It is exclusively a matter of convenience and the healee’s personality and lifestyle.