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Do we really have Free Will?


The official definition for Free Will says that it is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded.

But does it really exist?

This subject keeps philosophers, scientists, and theologians discussing forever. Long story short, there are two major theories about whether Free Will exists or not.

1 – The universe is governed by the natural laws and energies that generated it, therefore all events arise naturally and inevitably from causative factors that follow these laws and energies. As our brain is part of this universe, it is influenced by those rules and energies, so even our thoughts are.

2 – We all experience making choices from small things like what to eat or how to dress up to more significant issues like career, marriage, etc. We live our lives on the assumption that we do indeed have free will. So we have it.

Both theories seem to be valid and apparently incompatible. But they are not.

In my opinion and experience, the genuine Free Will is exercisable when our Spirit and Mind are connected and aligned.

While every brain is unique, all are subject to forces that rule the universe which influences our thoughts and choices.

On the other hand, our individual Spirit, which is not subject to the laws and energies that rule the universe, is what makes each one of us a truly unique being. Therefore, if our Spirit is correctly aligned to our Mind, it allows us to exercise the most authentic Free Will in any situation.