Biofield establishment exercise

Establish your energy in a new house

A house, like anything else, is an entity made of energy. Like any energy, carry and broadcast information of different nature like that of events that occurred in the house and emotions released accordingly by dwellers. If your new house is not a brand new construction, chances are that its energy is filled with information about the personality and history of the previous dwellers.

When we move into a new house, it is advisable to ‘introduce’ ourselves to the house so that its energy can work harmoniously with that of our biofield – or energy body. In a few words, we need to sync with the house by expanding our energy body and allowing the house’s energy to get adjusted to us and, therefore, start working for our health and wellbeing.

We at Biofield Medical have found that the most effective exercise to introduce ourselves to a new home is also quite a fun one.
Sit or stand next to a corner of your bedroom and take a mental picture of the space in front of you. Imagine yourself shifting out from your physical body. Explore every corner of the room but stay within the area of the room. Touch walls, curtains, furniture, and any other object around and feel their temperature and texture. After 5 minutes, gently get back into your body, take a sip of fresh water, and do the same sitting or standing in the opposite corner of the room to cover the whole room’s space. Repeat the exercise in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and any other areas in the house you expect to dwell the most.
Over the days, you can redo this ‘biofield establishment’ exercise as many times as you like. The more, the better.

To cleanse the house from previous dwellers’ identity and history instead, we suggest hiring a professional as this kind of information is stored in subtle energy which streams everywhere in the Universe but can be accessed only by highly trained healers.

Clearing the history and identity of previous dwellers will make your house a brand new construction energetically and ready to be filled with your own energy without that of other people interfering with such an exciting new chapter and path of your life.

As subtle energy exists at the sub-atomic level it is not subject to the time-space dimension the clearing can be successfully performed remotely and independently by the distance between the healer and the house.


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