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    It’s time to go out. Still feeling stuck?

    Finally, most of us are stepping out from home. We had time to think about what matters to us, reorganize our life, and take care of unfinished business. Nonetheless, some of us still may feel stuck in some area of their life. For as much as we think about it, it’s hard to find a suitable solution or idea to move forward.

    Maybe it’s time to change the way we think. It’s time to rewire our brain cells and start pushing our thoughts on different paths.


    Brake your routine. Take a different path to work or groceries, move your seat on a different side of your dining table and have your family members do the same, move your watch on the other wrist, put on your pants starting with the other leg, wear a new colour combination, use your other hand for things you normally do with your predominant one like brushing your teeth, apply a face cream, tap and write onto your cell phone, use a key, lift a glass, switch fork and knife etc.

    I know, it’s uncomfortable and time-consuming but perseverance comes with a big reward. With these little exercises, we literally rewire our brain and force any thought to take a different path than the usual ones offering different results and solutions.

    But the most important change is about our level of presence in the now moment. By doing normal things differently we are likely forced to slow down and be more present and focused. In a few words, we tune into our consciousness much more often than usual and the same sense of presence and awareness will positively be reflected also in other aspects of our life.

    Be mindful that, if you are looking to find solutions, you need to be creative and self-judgment, lack of self-confidence and impatience are the worst and most powerful enemies of your creativity.


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