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    How often should I have my place cleared?

    I have been asked this question countless times, and it’s a very legitimate one. The most honest answer is: it depends. Someone in the house can be more sensitive to low-frequency energies, and others can have stronger boundariesEnergies we pick up during the day and carry at home, those generated from dwellers’ or visitors’ thoughts and adverse events occurred inside the house, can negatively influence our home or workplace energy structure and frequency rate.

    As a general rule, a space clearing is needed when you or someone in your house or workplace starts acting unusually judgmental and argumentative, is having a hard time focusing on important matters, is experiencing sleep pattern changes, or is suddenly craving for sugary food or alcoholic beverages. These are clear signs that the body energy field is having difficulties in dealing with foreign energies present in the house or the workplace.

    It’s also important to free the space from old energies when you are setting new intentions or new goals for your life.

    Space Clearing promotes mental clarity and helps the immune system work more efficiently so that more physical and mental energies are available for you to pursue your goals.