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    Introducing The Green Healing Room®

    Have you ever felt a sense of relief, lightness, or detoxification while you walk in nature? Well, those feelings are the reflection of the enhancement of biological processes occurring inside the physical and energetic bodies due to your closeness to trees and plants. And there is plenty of scientific proof behind it (1, 2, 3).

    An increasing number of diverse research disciplines are now immersed in understanding the nature-health connection: social scientists to epidemiologists, neuroscientists to physicians. As a result, the growing body of scientific evidence is gradually nudging nature into the realm of public health and traditional medicine as a tool healthcare providers can use to promote healthy living (4).

    Behind the scene at Biofield Medical, we regularly invest a substantial amount of time and energy in improving our healing techniques and implementing in our practice the most innovative, effective, and holistic healing techniques.

    Nature and Science just helped us find a leap in Energy Healing. 

    In our new healing space at 434 Queen St. East in Toronto, we created a green room: a natural ecosystem created by large leaf plants we have accurately selected among those with the highest vibrational frequencies.

    Biofield Medical - Consulting corner 1
    Biofield Medical - Energy from Nature

    The Green Healing Room® is flooded with natural light that allows plants like Dieffenbachia seguine, Alocasia brisbanensis, and Strelitzia reginae to perform the photosynthesis process (5) at best. This process of energy transmutation requires a plant’s biofield to vibrate at very high-frequency rates, much higher than that of the human biofield.

    Thanks to the interaction between the Client’s and the plant’s biofields, the Client’s biofield raises its vibrational frequency starting the body’s healing process and making the most of the actual healing session.

    In our trials, we have noticed an almost immediate lift in our Clients’ mood and biofield frequency range. During the session, our healing energies are not affected by environmental lower vibrational energy fields and flow powerfully and harmoniously into the Client’s energy system.
    Furthermore, both Geraldine and I have noticed a significant improvement in the energetic connection with the Client during the session, which eases and empowers the healing process.

    As always, nature gives us the most effective and powerful healing solutions. We just listened.

    Anyway, you don’t need to take our word for it. Book your session at the Green Healing Room® and reward yourself with the ultimate healing experience.

    15 mins walk from Queen Metro Station (Line 1).

    18 mins walk from Eaton Centre, Yong-Dundas Square, St. Lawrence, Distillery District, Moss Park, Regent Park, Rierson University, Cabbage Town, and Riverside.

    BY CAR
    15 minutes drive from High Park, Rosedale, Yorkville, Casa Loma, Yonge-St. Clair, The Annex, Kensington Market, Little Portugal, Little Italy, East York, The Beaches, and Upper Beaches.

    20 minutes drive from Bloor West Village, St. Andrew-Windfields, Etobicoke, North York, East York, and Midtown Toronto.

    Metered parking is available at the entrance.

    Subway from North Toronto: Line 1 (Downtowner) southbound, exit at Queen Metro Station. Walk East for 15 mins.
    Subway from West Toronto: Line 2 eastbound then Line 1 southbound at Castle Frank Station. Exit at Queen Metro Sation and walk East for 15 mins.
    Subway from East Toronto: Line 2 westbound then Line 1 southbound at Castle Frank Station. Exit at Queen Metro Sation and walk East for 15 mins.

    From North, Line 65 and exit at Parliament St at Queen St East. Walk East for 3 mins.
    From West, Line 501 eastbound. Exit at Queen St East at Sackville St and you have arrived.
    From East, Line 501 westbound. Exit at Queen St East at Sackville St and you have arrived.


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    4 – It is not just about the uplifting power of nature’s magnificent colours. It is primarily about a process that Science names Entrainment that happens all around us, all the time. It defines the tendency of two bodies vibrating at different rates to match their rates to vibrate in harmony once close or in any way connected. The two bodies involved in this case are the human’s and the plant’s energy body–or biofield. As we stand or walk next to plants, we connect and start exchanging energy with them, and consequently, our biofield raises its vibrational frequency progressively. As a result, the communication between our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies becomes more coherent and the healing process more powerful and effective – Marco Rosada

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