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Kids and fear. How to help them.

Kids live most of the time in a world of fantasy. They need it to develop their creativity and to learn how to play with it, but sometimes their imagination leads them to scary “places.”

Even Halloween can be a powerful source of inspiration for a kid’s creativity, but for those more sensitive, it might turn into something more detrimental to their psyche. Characters from scary stories can become monsters in their fantasy, but also a funny lizard or a sweet grandma from a fairy tale can transform and turn into a frightening dragon or an ugly witch that will populate their nightmares for a long time.

Like adults, kids have three different ways to respond to fear: standing and fighting, running away, or freezing. The latter is the most dangerous of the three reactions because it can generate a very dense and persistent energy blockage, which tends to resurface even in adult life under different circumstances. 

There is much more to say about fear and the ways it can influence our lives and that of our kids, but the objective of this newsletter is to give you as a parent a tool to help your kid overcoming difficult situations.


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