The therapy is crafted to assist clients dealing with stress-related issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, PTSD, and OCD. It aims to re-establish a proper and potent energy flow within the body while also tackling various life aspects that could provoke stress reactions.


Incorporating elements from quantum energy healing, holistic nutrition, relaxation therapy, meditation, and holistic life coaching, the approach is tailored to fit the client’s unique personality, lifestyle, and needs.


Furthermore, the therapy equips clients with effective tools to preemptively address or manage potential stressors, preventing adverse impacts on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Biofield Medical | Stress and anxiety therapy




The therapy consists of five one-hour Quantum Healing sessions to restore balance in the energy, mental, and physical bodies and efficient communication between the physical body’s systems and organs.


The energy treatment is supported by:

At-home breathing relaxation exercises and binaural sound sessions to improve sleep quality and cognitive process.

Nutrition advice to improve the digestion and to restore efficient gut-brain communication.

Lifestyle advice and guidance to correct any behaviour and/or to avoid situations that might trigger stress or anxiety or hinder the healing process.


The client might be introduced and trained in, meditation techniques to be implemented in the program if needed or requested. Also, a theoretical introduction to Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, or Tai-Chi is available at the client’s request or as practitioner advice.


The therapy progression is monitored every two days to allow timely program customization if needed.


The daily process typically requires 30 minutes of the client’s time.

Biofield Medical Inc. | Energy Medicine for healing and personal empowerment


There is no difference between in-person and distance healing

As conventional laws related to the spacetime dimension do not apply to Subtle Energy, all treatments can be successfully performed independently by the physical distance between the therapist and the client.




Chronic stress can lead to or worsen a range of serious health issues, including depression, anxiety, personality, and compulsive disorders, as well as cardiovascular diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks, and stroke. Additionally, it can affect various other systems in the body, such as muscular, skeletal, digestive, and reproductive systems.


Frequent exposure to stressful events triggers the body’s “fight or flight” response, where the sympathetic nervous system takes over, preparing the body to confront danger. Even recurrent negative thoughts and emotions can evoke this response, causing the mind to perceive reality as hostile or life-threatening.


Persistent activation of the “fight or flight” mode diverts most of the body’s energy towards the muscular system, leaving other bodily systems, including the immune system, operating at a minimum level necessary for basic functions.


In this heightened state, the flow of energy within and around the body becomes erratic, disrupting communication between different body systems and organs, including the brain. This disruption can lead to various physiological consequences, such as sleep disturbances, digestive issues, and cognitive decline. Furthermore, the immune system, initially suppressed during the initial phase of the “fight or flight” response, progressively weakens, leaving the body vulnerable to infections and illnesses.

Biofield Medical | Stress and anxiety therapy


We are healers with passion and a gift. We balance and tune your energy body for improved health and superior quality of life.



Marco’s healing practice is deeply rooted in the wisdom of ancient healing traditions and the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics. Fascinated by the intricate interplay between energy fields and the human body, in 2014, Marco embarked on a journey of exploration to understand the profound connection between the Human Biofield and the body.

          Driven by his passion for understanding the underlying mechanisms of holistic healing, Marco has dedicated himself to extensive academic studies, hands-on practical training, and years of professional experience. Through this rigorous process, he has honed and refined his own distinctive approach to Quantum and Energy Healing and Space Clearing.

          Marco’s commitment to continuous professional development is showcased by his extensive list of certifications, which includes Holistic Life Coaching, Insomnia Practitioner, Meditation Teaching, Relaxation Therapy, and Nutritional Counseling. By incorporating the principles and techniques from these complementary disciplines into his Quantum Healing practice, Marco provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing and wellness.

          Marco is deeply invested in building meaningful and authentic connections with his clients. He is guided by empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to support their journey toward health and wholeness.

          He is proud to be a member of the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIED), where he continues to contribute to the advancement of integrative healing practices and foster a community of like-minded practitioners dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities.

Marco Rosada | Quantum and Energy Healer at Biofield Medical
Lo Monaco



Geraldine is a multifaceted practitioner specializing in energy medicine, medical intuition, and spiritual counseling.
          Drawing upon her extensive knowledge and experience, she excels in elevating her clients’ vibrational frequencies and harmonizing them with their authentic life paths. With a finely honed sense of empathy, she possesses the unique ability to perceive the subtle nuances and intricacies within an individual’s energetic body. This intuitive insight allows her to deeply understand her client’s unspoken needs and guide them toward holistic healing from the very core of their being.
          Geraldine’s individualized services are designed to empower individuals to reclaim their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Through a combination of intuitive guidance, energy work, and spiritual counseling, she creates a nurturing and supportive environment where her clients can explore and address their challenges, facilitating profound transformation and growth.
          Recognized for her exceptional contributions to the field of energy healing and holistic wellness, she has received accolades from esteemed publications and organizations. In 2019 and 2021, she was honored, respectively, by The Energy Healing Magazine and the Body, Mind, and Spiritual Wellness magazine, ranking among the top ten energy healers worldwide and in Canada.
          Her dedication to excellence and leadership was further acknowledged in 2023 when she received the Outstanding Leadership award from the Health 2.0 Conference and was named Energy Medicine Practitioner of the Year at the prestigious Forttuna Global Excellence Awards.
          With unwavering commitment and compassion, she continues to inspire and uplift others on their journey toward healing, growth, and spiritual awakening.



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