That (apparently) inexplicable anxiety

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Non-situational anxiety is a common symptom caused by accumulated damage in the human biofield’s energy patterns.

The biofield can be seen as the counterpart of the physical body’s nervous system but in energy. Both hold and convey information that is vital for biocommunication and bioregulation. Both are responsible for communication between systems, organs, and cells in the body and interact with the brain and the immune system. The biofield and the nervous system communicate to the brain any malfunction so that the brain can take proper steps to keep the body balanced and healthy.

The main difference between the biofield and the nervous system is that the latter is confined within the physical body and uses electric energy to convey information. In contrast, the biofield surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and uses subtle energy to convey information.

Like in any informatic system, also the information in the biofield can break. This event originates from a drop in the frequency of the energy pattern that contains the information. Most of the time, these drops are caused by emotional traumas the body piled up in its lifetime. 

When the brain pulls up a negative memory (expressed in electric energy), we generate a negative emotion (expressed in magnetic energy) accordingly. The blend of these two energies forms an electromagnetic field that can sit anywhere in the biofield lowering the frequency range of energy patterns passing through. Consequently, the information carried by the energy may break and become indecipherable to the brain or another organ.

As the brain’s ultimate goal is the body’s survival, it ceaselessly receives information from the biofield about the safety of the body’s environment. Suppose the brain starts getting an unusual amount of incoherent information due to negative feelings causing a drop in the frequency of the energy body. In that case, it automatically assumes that some of it could be related to the body being in a hostile environment or the target of an imminent threat. Consequently, the brain activates the sympathetic nervous system, which triggers anxiety for the body to be over-alert about its environment. In this configuration, an abnormal amount of energy is instantaneously conveyed into muscles to support the body in fighting or fleeing a hypothetical dangerous situation.

Due to this unbalanced body mode, all other organs and systems perform with minimal energy. Thus, the brain becomes foggy, digestion is difficult, sleep is disrupted, and the body’s immune system underperforms. This unbalanced body configuration can occasionally cause intense anxiety or panic attacks until the broken energy patterns in the biofield are repaired.


Bottom line

If you are feeling inexplicably anxious or experiencing a panic attack from nowhere, the reason is that your emotional body is filled with negative feelings piled up down the road.


In case of an anxiety attack, follow these simple steps.

  1. Most importantly, keep saying to yourself that it will pass. Typically, ten minutes after the onset, the attack symptoms subside.
  2. If you are in a building, get out or find a quiet room. The energy in the room or office where you are might have triggered the attack.
  3. Breathe with your belly and through the nose. Inhale for five seconds and exhale for another five seconds.
  4. If you have water at hand, drink it in small sips.
  5. If all the above is not enough, let us know—before you start taking medications. We can help bring your body back into coherence and alignment.


In more severe cases, the brain prevents the body from switching back to a balanced mode until energy patterns are repaired.

If this is your case, let us know. We can help repair broken energy patterns in your biofield and restore balance in your body.