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    Energy Healing Powered By Nature

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    ‘If you don’t feel good, take a walk in nature.’

    How many times have we have heard this statement! And there is plenty of scientific proof behind it. An increasing number of diverse research disciplines are now immersed in understanding the nature-health connection: social scientists to epidemiologists, neuroscientists to physicians. As a result, the growing body of scientific evidence is gradually nudging nature into the realm of public health and traditional medicine as a tool healthcare providers can use to promote healthy living.


    It is not just about the uplifting power of nature’s magnificent colours. It is primarily about a process that Science names Entrainment and it happens all around us, all the time. It defines the tendency of two bodies vibrating at different rates to match their rates to vibrate in harmony once in connection and/or close to each other.


    The two bodies involved in this case are the human’s and the plants’ energy body–or biofield. As we stand or walk next to plants, we connect and start exchanging energy with them, and consequently, our biofield raises its vibrational frequency progressively. As a result, the communication between our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies becomes more coherent and the healing process more powerful and effective.

    Nature and Science just helped us find a leap in Energy Healing.

    In our new healing space at 434 Queen St. East in Toronto, we created a green room; a natural ecosystem made of dozens of large leaf plants we have accurately selected among those with the highest vibrational frequencies and healing power.


    The Green Healing Room® is flooded with natural light that allows plants like Philodendron Gloriosum, Calathea Orbifolia, Dieffenbachia Seguine, Licuala Grandis, Strelitzia Reginae to perform the chlorophyll synthesis at best. This process of energy transmutation requires a plant’s biofield to vibrate at very high-frequency rates, much higher than that of the human biofield.


    Thanks to the interaction between the Client’s and the plants’ biofields, the Client’s biofield raises its vibrational frequency starting the body’s healing process and making the most of the actual healing session.

    The room is free from metals to avoid electromagnetic fields that might distress plants and interfere with the healing session.


    As always, nature gives us the most effective and powerful healing solutions. We just listened.


    with Geraldine or Marco (15 mins)


    We are healers with passion and a gift. We balance and tune your energy body for improved health and superior quality of life.

    Geraldine Lo Monaco | Energy HealeratBiofieldMedical Toronto


    Energy Healer and Intuitive

    I was born and raised in Milan (Italy) and graduated in Marketing and Communication at the University of Turin.

    I have been trained in Pranic Healing, Barbara Brennan Fundamentals, Magnetism, and Energy Medicine. I am a certified Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, and Intuitive and a member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives, Canadian Reiki Association, and Association of Spiritual Healers of Alberta.

    My services are provided in English, French, and Italian.


    The Energy Healing Magazine and the Body, Mind and Spiritual Wellness magazine awarded me respectively as one of the top ten energy healers in the world in 2019 and Canada in 2021.

    Every healer is different

    as every healer has a unique nature, training, experience, and spiritual paths, which lead to unique healing techniques and results.

    Geraldine’s healing is outstandingly performing with conditions related to the physical and spiritual bodies, while Marco’s Biofield Therapy and Space Clearing have proven to be remarkably effective with mental disorders and emotional discomforts.


    Biofield Healer and Energy Healer

    I was born and raised in Triest, Italy and have lived and worked in Canada since 2011.

    My healing praxis has its roots in science. The principles and new discoveries of Quantum Physics pushed me to investigate the nature of the Human Biofield and its relationship with the immune system.

    From 2012 to 2017, through academic studies and practical training, I have developed my own style in Quantum Healing, Energy Healing, and Space Clearing. The feedback I have received and the results obtained during my training period motivated me to embrace Biofield Healing and Space Clearing full-time.


    I am also a certified Holistic Life Coach, Insomnia Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Relaxation Therapist, and Nutritional Advisor. The principles and techniques of these disciplines are an integral part of my energy practice and allow me to build a very unique relationship with my clients.

    I am a member of the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIED).

    Marco Rosada | Biofield Healer at Biofield Medical Toronto


    and your holistic living and health.