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    COVID-19: If you understand it, you won’t need to fight it.

    The COVID-19 virus is resistant, highly contagious, rapidly mutable to survive in different environments, and already outsmarted many of our leaders around the world. The virus appears to be a threat to people with preexisting respiratory and heart conditions and immune system deficiencies. However, people in good health and with an efficient immune system are resistant to the COVID-19 to the point that most become asymptomatic carriers.

    When a vaccine is released worldwide, it will fight the latest known versions of the virus at the time it was engineered, months before the administration. But COVID-19 shifts and adapts to different environments around the world rapidly creating many new strands not included in the vaccine at the time it will be made available to individuals. Accordingly, to cover the broadest range possible of virus strands, the vaccine will be significantly stronger and way more impactful on our body than that of the common flu.

    Taking the risk to get vaccinated or spending time and efforts in prevention and in keeping our immune system efficient naturally will be a health and lifestyle choice everybody will be called to make.

    However, due to research, technical, logistics, and safety protocols, the vaccine shouldn’t be available for administration before the end of fall 2021. If it will, be mindful that only the safety protocol can be sacrificed to accelerate the whole process.
    But it shouldn’t.

    In the meanwhile, people will keep getting infected with mild, regular, or strong versions of the virus and the severity of the infection is strictly correlated to the host’s immune system efficiency.


    Prevention is available to everyone. Now.

    Alternative and Complementary and Integrative Medicine like Biofield and Energy Healing, Reiki, Space Clearing, Meditation, Barre and Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong, and Tai-chi, will become pivotal prevention practices among those who understand the deeper meaning behind the pandemic. We will need to take care of our nutrition and to understand the importance of keeping the body well hydrated at all times and the menace behind junk food and refined sugars.

    We will need to learn how to protect ourselves from stress and anxiety as they severely impede our immune system from performing efficiently. We will also learn how to free our body from negative feelings like hate, rage, envy, or resentment as–it is scientifically proven–they are primary causes of our immune system deficiencies, and therefore a severe threat to our health. Now like never before.

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

    While COVID-19 creates many different versions of itself every day, the only way to fight them all is to evolve to the best version of ourselves.

    Stay cool.

    Marco Rosada
    Energy Healer and Holistic Counsellor


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